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Hey everyone, I would like to inform on behalf on all of the fans on Team Rocket that I'm planning to do an Adobe Flash parody series which will be called "Rocket Sprockets".

For those of you who are like, "wtf?" let me simply put that, this series is a parody of Pokemon, taken from the perspective view of the everyday, minimum wage member of Team Rocket. Ok now you guys are thinking that the familiar duo from the Pokemon anime (Jessie and James) are going to be in it right? Well its pretty much obvious but, that's not it.

Not only are they going to be the primary main characters but also the other fan favorite duos Butch and Cassidy as well! Hell why not even add other obscure characters like Mondo or Jessie's mom Miyamoto (both of the appear in a CD Drama), Atiilla, Hun, Tyson, Domino, Wendy, Dr. Namba, Dr. Sebastian, Dr. Fuiji, and even other members who only appear in the games and Pokemon special manga too. Oh and even the head cheese Giovanni is definatley going to be a recurring character too!

The setting would most likely take place in the Team Rocket headquarters but may also take place in other locations on some episodes in the future. And another thing is that this series is going to be both a slapstick and a black comedy series and it'll also be a homage to the hilarious Adult Swim series Sealab 2021.

Ok now the only thing that I've asked for you guys is your help. You see since that I'm not that much a good drawer or animator I really appreciated if you guys are willing to lend a hand. Also knowing Adobe Flash is required too. I definitely need some very talented and experienced voice actors who can be able to imitate the 4Kids voice actors of Team Rocket. Oh and some script writers would be nice too. My role of this series is that not only I'm the creator, but I also direct some episodes, write some scripts, brainstorming, and even lend some voice acting too.

If you guys are interested on helping me on this project, you guys can contact me by my email, MSN messenger, and AIM and you can also share your ideas with me too.

E-mail, MSN Messenger: famardy@hotmail.com

AIM: Famardy

Thanks! :)

I need some help for my upcoming project

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